Alton Headshot 2.jpg
Gordon Alton, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Alton has extensive C-level executive and operations experience. He has been a scientific leader in multiple therapeutic areas in biotech and pharma companies for over 20 years. He is trained as a pharmacologist and biochemist with expertise in multiple therapeutic areas. As an early employee in several startup companies, Dr. Alton has acquired very broad, interdisciplinary technical and business skills, with an extensive knowledge base in science, non-clinical research, IND and early development, drug discovery, business development, operations, and corporate executive management. He was responsible for the development of Revlimid®, Inlyta®, and Xalkori®.

As the former COO / CEO of Agragene, he was responsible for all corporate budgets, timelines, and milestones. Dr. Alton created the overarching Commercialization plan for three product lines and he also managed all accounting, HR, IP, sponsored research programs, and Regulatory activities. He managed the Cap table and all stock, incentive stock options, convertible notes, and Series A documents. He directed the CFO and CBO  to accomplish company performance goals and provided opportunities for rising talent within the organization. He built the company with three rounds of financing from a virtual organization to a multiple product enterprise in three separate use facilities with several full-time employees. He developed and implemented the strategies, procedures, and business plans needed to enhance company growth. Dr. Alton led the fund-raising and investor outreach to successfully close Seed and Series A equity rounds. He managed both the Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board. Achievements include the establishment of a state-of-the-art CRISPR genome engineering platform, creation of commercialization plans, marketing, product development, Field trials, and Regulatory approvals.

Dr. Alton was also the former CEO of Visionary Pharmaceuticals, a startup targeting nuclear receptor and kinase drug discovery for topical and oral routes of administration. He was responsible for all Operations and Executive activities, including HR, IT, IP, budgets, and timelines. He managed Board of Director relationships and established the Scientific Advisory Board. He worked closely with the CSO to establish a highly efficient drug discovery engine to develop first-in-class IND candidates for autoimmune and cancer indications. He successfully obtained private funding and non-dilutive grant funding. He has extensive experience directing and designing studies to determine oral and topical drug efficacy relationships to drug exposure, mechanism of action, biomarkers, RegTox, IND enabling, and early clinical development .